We help you prevent your e-mails from ending up in spam folders and your domains from being abused for phishing and CEO fraud.

We are experts in the secure and reliable implementation and monitoring of the DMARC, DKIM and SPF e-mail security standards.

DMARC pays off several times over

DMARC24 supports you in setting up, maintaining and monitoring DMARC. This allows you to benefit easily and quickly from all the advantages - even without expert knowledge.

Increased security for all stakeholders

Über 90% der erfolgreichen Hackerangriffe beginnen mit E-Mails. DMARC verhindert, das Hacker Ihre E-Mail-Adresse für Phishing-Attacken, CEO-Fraud oder die Verbreitung von Ransomware nutzen können. Damit schützen Sie nicht nur Ihr eigenes Unternehmen, sondern auch Ihre Kunden und Partner. Das BSI empfiehlt den Einsatz von SPF, DKIM und DMARC als Maßnahme gegen Ransomware.

Your outgoing emails are less likely to end up in spam folders

With the correct settings for e-mail authentication, your e-mails increase in credibility. Because then the spam filter of your recipients can see that your e-mail was really sent by your company. 

Brand protection

Dadurch, dass Ihre Domain nicht mehr für Phishing- und CEO-Fraud-Attacken genutzt werden kann und Ihre E-Mails zuverlässiger beim Empfänger ankommen, profitiert auch Ihre Marke und Unternehmensreputation. Auch bei Lieferanten-SecurityScorings können bessere Ergebnisse erzieht werden. DMARC ist außerdem die Voraussetzung für das automatische Einblenden des eigenen Markenlogos E-Mails unter Gmail oder Apple Mail (BIMI).

Transparency for your IT

DMARC helps detect misconfigurations and identify new cloud services that were used in the enterprise but not yet known to IT (Shadow IT).

Thomas Fauser DMARCguide

DMARC is a wonderful example of how cyber security not only protects against multiple threats, but also serves the company's business goals, e.g. by ensuring that your e-mails reach more reliably directly in the customer's inbox instead of in the spam folder. Thus, getting started pays for itself very quickly.

Thomas Fauser, Business Owner DMARC24

Why DMARC24?

The email security standards DMARC, DKIM and SPF have become indispensable in email communication. However, if they are configured incorrectly (and this unfortunately happens frequently), it leads to either the desired protection not taking effect or e-mails no longer being delivered reliably. Our experienced experts therefore support you in configuring and monitoring DMARC, DKIM and SPF securely and reliably.  

E-Mail Deliverability & Security Assessments

With our Email Deliverability & Security Assessments, we analyze how reliably your e-mails are currently delivered to the inbox and how well your domains are protected against abuse through spoofing, phishing and CEO fraud.

DMARC, DKIM and SPF implementation support

With our implementation support we help you to introduce DMARC, DKIM and SPF, to align them and to configure them without errors. The goal is to get DMARC into reject mode so that unwanted messages are blocked and your domain benefits from good reputations within spam filters. During this process, we also train your staff so that they are able take over the monitoring of DMARC reports in the future.

Managed DMARC Service

With our Managed DMARC Service, we also support you in the continuous monitoring of incoming DMARC reports. We will inform you of any anomalies and provide appropriate action recommendations.